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JaiKai - MK2 - Ziggy Build


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I have a removal kit, its basically a cheese wire with two wooden handles.


The current tailgate is not the one i'm using as I recovered the tailgate off the last zed, although the glass will be getting removed.


I also have a brand new front screen stashed up my loft which I also removed from the last zed.


Great work, how are you planning to take the front and rear screens out, I will be doing mine at some time.
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Had the zed out in the sun today, nearly, for the first time in over 6 months.


2017-03-05 13.06.14.jpg


I took the jet wash to the engine bay area to clean as much oil and other crap off.


2017-03-05 12.39.41.jpg


Originally planned to get it all steam cleaned but couldn't find anywhere close to hire a cleaner.


2017-03-05 13.06.24.jpg


After it was done I wiped all the excess water away with a towel then let her dry in the sun for an hour.

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Still slowly working on the zed and prepping it for its respray :)


But as the zeds been off the road I've been stockpiling a few parts over the last year that the list has a few goodies on it.


New 19" Works Emotion Deep Dish Alloys and Michelin tyres.

98 Spec Manual gearbox with less than a 1000 miles or so on the clock.

MeistreR Coilovers.

A whole load of Driftworks gear.

Full Set of KSport 8Pot breaks for the front and also the back (near new these are).

All the new rubbers, trims and fitting from my old zed.

New viscous fan that I never got to fit to my old zed.


So anxious to start fitting everything but I must resist and await the respray.

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You can still get them new as well. About £1,500 doesn't seem too bad for a brand new gearbox.

Yea but by the time you pay shipping and taxes it's gonna be a lot more isn't it, I would guess up around £2250. Before the pound crashed might have got it for more like £1600 at a guess

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The side outer trims can be kept if you remove them carefully but you will need new retainers which are glued in to the

sides of the metal of the left and right sides of the front windscreen.


For the back likely replace all the trims unless you can figure how to get the glass out without damaging anything.


Good luck, what parts can be saved when taking front and rear glass out.
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