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1993 TT LWB in Black

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I’ve also got my hands on a Mongoose catback exhaust to replace the Japspeed one. I much prefer the quad pipe look and I’ve heard they sound really nice too!

It was ok when I got it, had some yellow overspray and was dull but looked in good Nick.

Not installed it yet as I need to get a gasket and some new hangers but it has had a good clean up with some light abrasive scourer and some metal polish and has come out amazingly well! Almost too nice to use ?







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#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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So here’s a question. Im missing some trim and have been putting it back on bit by bit, around the inside of the boot lid are a couple of strips I’ve got but I still feel like I’m missing something and not sure how to attach them.

Can anyone help me out here?

I’ll put up pictures of what I’ve got but there are still some holes where something else was clearly attached before



#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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Good news! Passed the MOT today, 3 advisories, minor non structural corrosion underneath, and brake pipes on one side obscured by muck etc

Happy with that. Plan to get the underside all cleaned up and undercoated next year anyway.

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#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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This weekends task was to fit the Mongoose Catback exhaust I bought second hand from Banzai Breakers!

With it up on axle stands, I found that the Cats have obviously had some work on them before as it looked like a new bracket had been welded on and some previous bolts had sheared and some headless bolt threads welded in. It was a bit of a bodged mess.

We ended up having to drill out 3 of the 4 holes in the end and have used nuts and bolts to attach the new exhaust. The easiest thing was to remove the whole exhaust including the Cat section so we could really get at it rather than trying to faff about with it still attached. Was very easy to take off and the nuts were quite loose where the Cat section attached to the down pipes.

There were also no gaskets where the down pipes meet the cat section so we made some up from a sheet of gasket material and then we found the gaskets from the Cat to the Catback had almost completely disappeared! I think a previous owner had just reused the ones that were there when they put the Japspeed on and they were total garbage. Will explain I got a fume smell under throttle when the windows were down!

I’ve also found a hanger on the cat is totally missing, and two hangers that should be on the car further back are also gone so a trip to the exhaust shop is coming up next week to get it all squared away!

Anyway, the exhaust is now on as best I can, there may be a cable tie or two on it temporarily! Once it was on, I took it for a gentle run out, and after it was warm I pulled over and it appears a weld has failed on one of the sections as it was blowing a bit.

These are the challenges with second hand parts but still, should be an easy fix when the hangers get done!

It does, however, sound and look great! I’m really pleased with how it has come out. The drone has gone and it’s quieter when cruising and has a bit of a rasp too it under acceleration!













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#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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After showing my car the NEC Classic Car Show in November, I had the battery warning light come on the drive home.

I already had the car booked in for an alignment at a Nissan Specialist so thought I’d just get him to look at it.

On the drive, I found it was sounding rough and vibrating noticeably on idle.

At the specialist, I found that the alternator was on its way out and only charging at 4k RPM. But the vibration was actually being caused by it only running on 5 cylinders with no. 5 not firing.

Going to do some investigating soon to try and figure out the problem, hopefully just an ignition pack that needs replacing!

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#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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To try and solve the problem with cylinder 5 I’ve done the following:

1. Swap the ignition pack with cylinder 1. Didn’t fix it.

2. Cleaned the connectors on the PTU. Didn’t fix it.

3. Swapped the spark plug with cylinder 1. Didn’t fix it.

The cylinder will fire on a cold start for the first 30-60 seconds before it stops so I feel like the injector is ok as it’s obviously working then.

I’ve read about all the Series 1 PTU’s failing so I’m going to upgrade it to a series 2 and see if that helps! It’s been relocated at some point in its life and the wiring looks ropey so that will probably need doing as well.







#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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New problem!

While putting the balance tube back on after swapping coil packs etc, the two screws that hold the passenger side on have both dethreaded the inside of the plenum. ?‍♂️



#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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Hey Rob,

Looks like you may have found your miss-fire problem mate! Upgrade to a S2 PTU and (proper) wiring harness....

...And as for the balance bar, gently re-tap the threads in the plenum with a tapping tool and get some new bolts.

Inconvenient, but not insurmountable ?

Good luck mate!


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I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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It feels like it’s been forever since I last drove the car!

Well it’s now with Nispro in Haddenham. Walton (owner) is a Nissan expert, more with the RB and SR engines, but he seems to know his onions and with Jimmer being so far away I thought give them a try.

Its currently in for a new alternator and HICAS joints and then an alignment but the main thing will be pulling the plenum and installing an injector kit to allow the later style injectors to be mounted on the earlier fuel rail.

I also bought a second hand plenum off Banzai Breakers to replace the one with the stripped threads.

I bought the kit from CZP and ordered all the gaskets. At the same time, Walton is going to do the coolant delete as well.

I hope this solves the problem (it’s cost a few quid already) but if it doesn’t then I think the loom must be knackered!



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#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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Compressions test results all good. All cylinders up around 140-150 so happy days there!

The intake hoses however were all pressing and brittle, fortunately I had a set of Mishimoto ones in the garage that I was going to fit when it was back anyway!

The pipes are 30 years old this year so probably not going to be the last that’ll need replacing. 



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#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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9 hours ago, Raja93 said:

Not bad for 30 years of service to be fair! Glad compression is consistent and ok. 

I have definatly seen worse....on some of my old cars! 😆

1990 Black MT NA LWB = 2014 - 2020 (Sold)

1991 Red MT TT LWB = 2015 - 2017 (Stripped & Scrapped)

1991 Red MT TT LWB = 2017 - 2021 (Sold)

1991 Black MT TT LWB = 2018 - 2021 (Sold)

1989 Red AT TT LWB = 2021 - XXXX (Kept)

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Yeah could have been much worse!

New injectors are in and it’s being put back together. The second hand plenum cleaned up way better than I imagined it would. It looks shinier in the photo to be fair than in real life but happy with that.




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#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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Got the car back today, I’m very happy, my wife and credit card are not! 😂

It’s had a lot of work done, the mechanic faced a few hiccups along the way but ultimately the new injectors are in and the engine is running really smooth and idling nicely. When taking the old ones out, he found the connectors were very corroded and one was really brittle and started to fall apart as he removed it!

The new injectors were mounted in the fuel rail and pressure tested and had no leaks so the kit I bought was a good one.

The coolant delete has been done and there are new Mishimoto air and water hoses, and a few new fuel lines as well replacing some of the brittle old ones. The alternator is also charging the battery again!

While replacing the Hicas ball joints and setting the car up he went to adjust one of the tie rod ends (I’m probably wrong with this component but picture shows what I mean!) and he found that the thread had previously snapped off and where as there is normally an inch or so of adjustment, he had about 2 threads!!! Bit of a close call there.

I’m very happy with how it ran on the drive home and hopefully now, although it’s cost a fortune, it should be set for many more years of running. The only downside is he said he might  or want to work on the VG30’s anymore as it was such a pain!

Next thing to do is install the new double din fascia I’ve bought and when the weathers warmer and drier I’m planning on taking the front seats out and giving them a full on wet vax and soapy clean!









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#1. 1993 Twin Turbo Manual LWB in black (2022 - )

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