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Damn! i knew this would happen!

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As some of you may know, i have been trying to decide what car to get next. I managed to narrow it down between the R32 GTR and another 300zx TT.


Tbh i pretty much had my heart set on a R32 GTR, ive always like skylines and it was something new, a fresh start, a new adventure.


Then the inevitable happened, i have realised that it was the idea of owning a skyline that i liked, and not specifically and R32 (truth be known the R33 is my fav, and i would never be able to afford a good one).


That was it, the seed was planted in my little head, that little idea of having a 300zx TT in my life again had infected my mind and started to grow. This infection has spread through my body, erasing the memories of all the bad times i had, all the frustrations of having a zed that just wouldnt play fair. The outragous amounts of borrowed cash just to get a car back on the road again and to hear the thunderous V6 roaring out of that HKS super dragger, tingling the hairs on the back of my neck.


I tried to combat this infection by dosing myself up with other performance cars, Merc AMG's, Evos, Beemer M5's, even a brand spankers Porsche 997 Turbo. And yet every time i got out of what ever car id just driven, after the initial buzz of the thrill of some serious bits of kit, i still managed to find myself laying in bed, thinking of ways to justify to myself the ownership of another zed.


Then i made the fatal mistake. I started looking at my photos of my old 300 :slap: , "You STUPID BOY pike" i said to myself. I find myself spending more and more time on THIS very site, trying to get my 300zx fix, to fight off what urges i have to be a silly twat and go down the bank and get another loan.


And yet the worst thing of all happened to me today. The missus. The person who has always said "dont get another zed, youve been there and done that, find something new" turned around and said "i think you should get another". That was it, my fate was sealed tighter than a sea lions balloon knot.


Now im off to bed again, to do what all blokes who own zeds do, create that little list that stays in your head - - What should i do to my zed! ;)

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Guest snowygt

i've also been thinkin of skylines for about 5 years, until 3 years ago someone offered me a swap, my L reg nissan primera eGT for a grey pretty standard apart from wheels and exhaust 300zx twin turbo. my plan was to sell the car and make bit of money however after driving it for a couple of months i thought,THIS IS GREAT and i've never looked back, shes been a great car and i hope to spend quite a bit of money on her. i've had her 3 years and hope to keep zedding for a long time to come, so keep looking for 1 nick you never know you might come across a real gem. regards Chris.

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