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Say Hi to SMW2

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The car also have some goodies on it.....

Veilside mirrors


I think this is a HKS Dragon but can't find a stamp.


Blitz SUS by the look of it, I'll have to take it off and find the stamp to confirm.


Glow in the dark center panel


Air/Fuel controller and a Razor thing, not a clue what this is.


HKS Adjustable shocks all round.


Anothe little razo thing, linked to the main box.


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Guest 300z

Awesome is that the non turbo one?

its wicked dude save yourself time and just translpant the two engines lol, very nice.

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The car has the following in it.


Anyone know where I can find instructions on how these work ?


Air Fuel Ratio Controller


Some sort of A/F data logger (not this exact type but has the same buttons on it).


I think this is some kind of shift indicator.


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Originally posted by fat tony

Very nice Stu , as Warren says why not transplant your turbos into that one!!:D :D ;)


Because SMW2 is Cerina's car once she sells here BMW. So expect to see her posting online in the weeks ahead.

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Guest CK Rogue {@}{@}

Hi I'm Cerina, just wanted to say hello.

I'm glad you all approve of the new SMW2, because it's mine, mine, mine, you hear all mine :D :D.


I wasn't sure I wanted an NA to start with as I was holding out for a TT. But when Stuart took me to see it, I loved it.


So Stuart is welcome to swap the engines over then I'll still have the car but it will have two large blowers bolted to it, and he'd be left with his 2+2 with my NA engine :D :D.


I also love the wing mirrors so I'm affraid they are staying put, sorry. :p

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Originally posted by jaffa

Very very nice :cool: :D


Might have to pop over some time to have a nose around, and see all the mods you've done on smw1 of course :) ;)

Sure thing James :D


SMW1 will be going into PPS on the 16th June for a full body kit and respray that will put SMW2 back in it's place :D


It will be out the weekend before billing, then after Billing it goes into SE for Valve work and top end rebuild. Shortly after that it's time to fit my SBC-iD :D.

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Very nice mate!


Wherever that kit is from I think it's safe to say they copied the Bugatti EB-110 !! :D






A guy at a petrol station once asked me if mine was one of those things ;) the lights and front are pretty similar I suppose.

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Originally posted by smw1




Drama in Romford today as ram raiders reversed a blue Nissan sports car through a garden wall in an attempt to steal a yellow pressure washer and a bucket. Fortunatley they were disturbed and left empty handed :o

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