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Who does this look like?

Who does this picture look like?  

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  1. 1. Who does this picture look like?

    • The Bee Gees
    • Noel Edmunds
    • Shirley Bassey
    • George Michael public toilet man

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Guest Herman Munster
Originally posted by Ajay

"The Bee Gees" ..... What, all of them? :D


Even the dead one?


(Sorry, bad taste):eek:



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No,I dont get upset about who Some Peeps think I look like.I've been enjoying the laugh all over the world for years,even take it as a complement.I even got chased by the Papparatsi on one occation,signed autographs for Chefs in resturants,been asked if I would pose for photos with peoples Grandchildren sat on my knee.Got accused by two British couples, when I denied that I was Barry Gibb of The Bee Gee's that I must be him because they had seen "my" huge yaught in the marina the one one with the helicopter on the back.Let people beleave what they want to beleave is my moto,nice when the drinks keep being sent over though...........all the best to you all, Barry,Chuck,Eric,.......................Shirley,and their host Vinz.

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  • 7 months later...

OMG hes got saggy titties like them old women in the old folks home :rofl: :D


Vinz if that really is you then no offence but im not lying some time in the gym wont hurt you mate!!!


He looks like Noel Edmonds


Damn i hate those glasses



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Guest NigelBoyd

...and if Vinz's photo reminds you of a famous celeb, what about the photo montage that Faisal has just posted.


I'm voting Leslie Ash after her cologen implants and a course of botox!


(sorry mate - but it looks a bit of a mess like that!)

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