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Fuse location

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It's come to my attention that when it rains, the heater pod and clock light up while the cars parked. It would look like this is the cause of my flat battery every time it rains, does any one know which fuse box the fuse for these is in? Got a feeling water may be getting in.

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Well I spent an hour dicking about in the footwell but didn't really get any where. Battery was flat as a pancake this morning and as it's parked on the road I couldn't get in the footwell comfortably to sort it as I couldn't move it or recline the seat.


What I did learn is the carpet under the mat is soaked, which would suggest it's not the targas leaking, but maybe the drain pipe.


raydetinu- How did you get to it to find the split?


Also found the glovebox has a lock on it, which I didn't realise ;) swings and roundabouts I guess :D

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