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Advice on injectors??

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Hi guys, just got my engine back in after changing the head gaskets and after linking it up to lap-top(via nissan datascan) i have noticed the seals have gone on a couple of the injectors and instead of replacing the seals im thinking of "up-grading" the injectors but have no idea what size to go for??

The car isnt highly modified other than a chip and exhaust but i do want to progress slowly so thought maybe start with the injectors??


Does anyone have any suggestions??

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555's are the most common upgrade & will allow for most upgrades unless you want real big tubs!

earlier cars are more limited on bigger injector upgrades as most are suited to the later (>95 IIRC) style manifold. a 850cc border rail kit is the best way to go if you want big power.

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Cheers Paul, Im not going for stupid power(yet) I just dont like fitting standard parts so if i need to change anything then like to make sure there better than stock.

Will the 555`s fit straight on with out any other modifications ie fuel pump??


Only mod required will be an ECU remap to tell it the different size injectors.

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Cheers for the help lads!!


555`s and a remap it is then.


(ebay time)


Don't, for the love of God, look at ebay to get your injectors and chip! There are sooooooo many "genuine fake" injectors out there it is simply not worth the risk. Also, every chip I've seen advertised on ebay has always turned out to be a repackaged STOCK Nissan chip.


Do yourself a favour and buy from a reputable trader.


I can help source both Nismo 555 injectors and a DTA-Motorsport chip to suit your particular modifications.


But please do not buy these items from ebay - you will regret it (FACT).



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Rich666 has PM`d me regarding a set of 2nd-hand Nismo 555`s that im considering buying,


Glen- The 480 BHP is a missprint/Lie ha ha The car has been chipped i had it done at z-world by jeff but im not too sure what chip it is so Where is John Dixon or AndyP based?? and do they have a rolling road??

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ha ha I know I was waiting for someone to spot that!! Its not the most accurate sig in the land!!


AAaaaaaaaaannnnyyyy way back to the topic ha ha!!


If i get hold of some 555`s how much can someone do me a re-map for??





If you get Nismo 555's make sure

(a) they fit your fuel rail (early models are different from later models)

(b) you fit new upper and lower O-rings to the injectors prior to installation

© if they are second hand take them to be cleaned, bench flowed and tested before installation


As for the chip, our DTA Performance Chip is £65 plus £5 delivery (you'll need to sort out the socketing of your ECU or we can have it done for £30) I don't know what AndyP (Stevenage) or John Dixon (Kidderminster) charge for their chips.





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