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pcv replacement

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That would be down to the condition of your engine and it's maintenance. PCV valves usually get gummed up with burnt oil deposits which affects their ability to function properly, also the rubber pipes are in a very hot location which causes them to harden. Under normal circumstances I would imagine 5 years and 50K miles would be about it. they are a right barsteward to change with the plenum on.

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Hi all,

This maybe a silly question! But im going to be replacing my pcv valves soon does any1 know roughly how long they last before they need replacing again???

Are you doing just the valves or the hoses as well? They should last a long time anyhow.Be prepared for some very tight access issues around the back of the block if replacing it all and you`ll need a deep socket for the valves,there`s a great trick involving sticking a smaller socket inside the deep socket to help put the new valves in,otherwise it can be a pain!

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