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Mantas old MR2 Tubby

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Thats how I feel about it, and I also reckon you lot are far too harsh and quick to insult :nono:

hey the cars a goodlooking MR2 as are the rims but you cant argue that a spoiler fixed to your nose panel is an unorthadox avenue :confused: but having said that "yes" your right maybe where all guilty of jumping on the soap box a bit quick but mean no harm ;)

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Love the colour scheme & the wheels, not sure on the spoilers or the front

lights though, looks a hell of a lot different to the last time i saw it!

Out of interest, what does that front bonnet spoiler do? I used to think

they were some kind of 'head-up' display, but now i know that i'm just being

stupid! :nelson: Some kind of wind deflector i guess? :confused:

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Guest deve8uk


When you find the arsehole that stuck whatever the hell that is to the front of your bonnet hope you give them a damn good hiding!!!! :mac1:



what he said.


I was wondering what was wrong with the front view, then I saw this. ffs mate, take it off.

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Thanks for all the comments guys. The bonnet spoiler is a copy of

the ones Pheonix Power put on most of their cars. Could not get one

for love nor money so had to replicate one. It adds downforce to the

front end as there is not a lot of weight up front and can get a bit twitchy

when trying hard enough. I just like it :hyper: Someone has to i suppose.

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there will always be someone that doesn't like something on a car and thats there opinion but to be insulting is abit below the belt, its everyone to there own . IMO i dont like the front spoiler, front lights or rear spoiler the rest looks very nice but if it was mine someone wouldn't like what i would do with it, all it matters mate is your happy with it




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