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TT radiator in an NA?

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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything using the search or trawling through the threads.


I have a SWB manual NA, Jap spec, with a burst radiator. From searching various sites, I see that certain TT radiators state that they will fit "with some modification".


Does anybody know what is involved? I don't mind fabricating new brackets or making new mounts, as long as it ends up looking decent. Don't want it to look hillbilly if you know what I mean.


If anyone can recommend a rad that gives a decent fit, or a stock rad from another model that fits, please let me know.


Thanks in advance........ :nana2:

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I'm not an expert but this question has come up before. The N/A rad is actually has better cooling than the TT rad so it would be a mistake to use a TT version.



Why would that be? Can't think of an obvious reason - unless the cooling area is reduced due to another (oil?) cooler or similar being tucked in the airflow - I am not too familiar with the TT, so excuse my ignorance.


If the standard NA cooler is more efficient, why would so many pattern part rads based on the TT part be available? Surely it would make more sense to base your pattern part on the NA for retrofit into the TT?


Bearing in mind I am looking at aftermarket/performance radiators, standard NA vs standard TT cooling isn't the issue. I just need to know if a radiator marketed for the TT manual will fit an NA manual easily.


As I said before, many are marketed as "will fit with minor modification" and I was asking if anyone could verify what was involved.


Thanks for any help.......

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Why would you want to fit a TT rad to a N/A anyway?


Hi, the reason the question arose was I have been hunting the web for an aftermarket rad for a few weeks, and everything I can find is listed for the TT.

Its not that I specifically want a TT rad, just I couldn't find a decent priced NA rad and wanted to know my options.


If you could give me the details I would be grateful. If you can let me know the make/part no I could maybe source one over here (I'm living in Germany), and save on postage.


Thanks again to all.......

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