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Thats a lovely Dyson you have there...what model is it?


Its a DC03 :rofl: :x:


The Dyson DC03 is the lightest Dyson


Lifetime filters: DCO3 Absolute models have two lifetime HEPA filters. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, Dyson lifetime filtration means: (1) No filters to buy; (2) Constant suction and high filtration; and (3) Filters particles as small as cigarette smoke


Reversible wand: Reverse the wand to reach awkward areas more easily and with a better grip.


Dyson Dual Cyclone technology: The Dual Cyclone took James Dyson 15 years and 5,127 prototypes to develop, and achieves what other bag and bagless cleaners can't: constant suction room after room.


Lightweight and slim profile: Lightweight (only 6.9kg), and with a slim profile (only 142mm), DCO3 allows you to clean easily under low furniture and can be hung on the wall for convenient storage.


Brush control system: Dyson's brush control system allows you to switch the brushbar off when vacuuming delicate flooring, and ensures that it automatically disengages when in the upright position.


Anti-jam brushbar: To prevent belt breakage, the brushbar automatically disengages and makes a ratchet noise to warn when it is obstructed.


Two HEPA filters: DCO3 is fitted with 2 HEPA filters. The two HEPA filters are designed to retain the highest level of microscopic particles no other upright filters better. The pre-motor filter also has a bacteria-killing screen to trap and kill bacteria and mould on contact.


Ready-to-go-hose: No attachments to fit. Just press the yellow catch and the hose and wand are ready to use faster than on any competitor upright, and will reach to the top of the average staircase.


On-board tools: The stair, crevice and brush tools are stored on the body of DCO3. Always at hand, they fit directly to both wand and hose for cleaning hard-to-reach and confined spaces eg car.


Suction release valves: If the end of the hose is obstructed, the valve momentarily releases to prevent anyone or anything becoming helplessly attached to the cleaner.


Auto-adjusting head: Adjusts automatically to the right height setting for all carpet types. No need to bend down to change it. Prevents carpet wear from cleaners with manual settings where you can easily forget to adjust the dials or switches.


Clear bin: This has 4 clear advantages: (1) You can see how well the Dyson works; (2) You can enjoy watching it; (3) You can always tell when it's full; and (4) It's easy to empty


Robust construction: The body of the Dyson DCO3 is made from ABS and polycarbonate, two of the strongest materials available.


Blockage removal: A quick release window ensures that any obstruction to the brushbar can be seen and quickly removed.


Motorised brushbar All Dyson uprights have a motorised brushbar. This improves pick-up on carpets by sweeping the dust and fibres trapped in the carpet pile into the constant Dyson airflow.

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Guest Neil Morris
how long did it take you to write all that on a dyson,,bloody hell are you a dyson engineer or something


No I think his name IS Mr Dyson.....

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