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help needed with cat up lines LOL!!

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Your eyes are like spanners, every time you look at me my nuts tighten ;)


dont use them mate they never work as an opener, just ask them what there name is and go from there if they are interested they will continue to talk to you.

Dont ask them if they want a drink unless your sure your getting somewhere ;)

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this is a good one,


get a girl to stand in front of you with her hands out and her tounge out, ;)


touch one hand and ask, "have you had a parrot in this hand"?? :confused:


no i bet will be the reply :nelson:



so over to the other hand and ask "have you had a budge in this hand"?? :D


bewilderd and confused she will answer no :o


finnaly point to her tounge and say " well im sure you have had a cock or 2 on there then "


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Have you got a mirror in your pocket? cuz I can see myself in your knickers...



I wouldn't actually suggest using that one, I just wanted to join in :D


That one of my favourites :rofl:


The Sid The Sexist charm school - can't beat it ;)


Richard :D

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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