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Zeds .how Many

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1. Candy Red SWB Sliktop 35,000 miles NA. I loved that car and still want it back. Sold September 2004


2. Black SWB TT.


(Candy Red/metallic red is the best colour, SWB is the best body.) :)

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1, 1991 UK 300ZX 2+2 TT Auto (Sold Feb 2005)


2, 1990 Jspec 300ZX SWB Slicktop Auto (Present car)


And i desparatly want a 240/260Z 2 seater!!



I am sure all Zs are 2 seater except the 280 2+2 (ironically) and the 300ZX.


Didnt Citron make a 4 seater ZX? ;)

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Guest Neil Morris

V dub


323 mazda


Fiat ritmo


Granada 2.8 geeeeea X


BMW....shit hot but tooooooo much ...££££


Another Granny...


Wife.fooks off so.....911 twin turbo...fook me did that P&&& her off...


Crashed that at 125 MPH on a road that I had been on for ten years...LOL..not funny at the time but is now...


Escort van...not escort porn mag.... & 7 YEARS LATEER.... Got the Zed...fook me women have cost a bit LOL....but still Love em.....LOL

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Had two now - the first was an 89 UK which I only owned for a year and then sold! Cost me £17,500 and I sold for £13,000 :slap:


A good friend of mine, Justin had one as well - pic below (mine's the red one)...




Regretted it so much that I bought my current TT which I've now had for almost 10 years :eek:


Steve :)

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1) red z31 auto drove it to scrapper just wouldnt die


2) red uk tt manual on j plate


3) Black uk tt manual on k plate Still have but now its blue


4) black jap tt auto on g plate Broken 4 spares


5) grey jap tt auto on h plate Broken 4 spares


No dought more will follow



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2.....300ZX Z31 CHAMPAYNE

3.....300ZX Z32 TT PRESENT CAR...BEAST :hyper:



1974 240z rust and red

1974 260z 2 str Red [i converted to 3.0 janspeed turbo]

1974 260 2 str Blue

1991 300 uk tt red auto

1993 300 uk tt yella man below :bow:

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