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help with head unit please (wiring)

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Hi all just wondering if anyone could help!


Had a perfectly good head unit in the car carozzeria think its pioneer! but it wouldnt pick up radio signals maybee because its import dont know!


so decide to put in sony one ive got! took out centre console and it was like a box of snakes!!!!!! wires everywhere!!!!


i have an adapter from sony unit but the pin plug dosent seem to fit the zeds original plus i think ive locked out the head unit now so no music :headvswal

can anyone explain what i need as this is very frustrating aghhhhh!



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what you need is a iso lead to nissan, your sony headunit has standard iso plugs on it and you need a adaptor lead that turns your iso lead into a nissan lead matie!

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Guest johndps

Don't be afraid - I've had the same on a few imports.

Today I pulled out a twin din sony unit so I could put in my UK Alpine.

The usual mess of wires - pulled them all out back to the loom, two white plugs, almost everything else was guff or excess.

Bought a ISO to Nissan connector block, plugged in the Alpine and it was all systems go.



For the first time ever, I forgot to switch the ignition on to get the power in when testing.

Racking my brain for a few minutes, a mechanic mate walked in the workshop.

Asked what I was up to this time, I explained the problem.

Quite innocently he says "you know some of them stereos need the ignition on so they can go"

I fell about laughing at myself.


Coffee time.

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