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Now thats a big engine LOL

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Guest astrassuck

The advert for the vauxhall astra doesnt look right above those pictures !!! There will be 4 banks of 4 cylinders i bet, in an x formation, so one turbo per bank I would have thought....a bit hectic anyway!

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It's interesting if you look on the how things work website and look up the veyron. It talks about the actual amount of fuel and air that you physically have to burn/flow to get that amount of horsepower. Its an eyeopener when looking at the claimed hp figures that get thrown around the performance car communities. The veyron can give a Maclaren F1 a 10 second headstart and still get to 200mph at the same time and then stay there cruising! I doubt many of the big power jap drag (or other) cars could do that without blowing up after 20 secs (IMO cause I'm only guessing!) Dave

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quad turbos....


i wonder wher they put those and how they boost..


one turbo for every wheel i suppose :confused:


I've got a feeling, although I might be wrong about this and it might be the Daimler-Chrysler thing (can't remember what it's called), that this baby doesn't run excessively high compression, which means it can safely run on standard unleaded petrol without knocking. Somebody out there who knows more than me might be able to speak with a bit more authority though.

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why do they need such a ridiculous engine to get 1000bhp, the japs can do it with 2.6l and 1 turbo, surely it would be easy to extract 1000bhp from a 16l without the need for forced induction?


Like I said, I think it's down to fuel requirements. Basically this thing is supposed to be a supercar that a normal-sized human being can fit into in comfort, or without needing to know yoga, and that runs on normal unleaded petrol.


I don't know, but I'll bet that 2.6L Jap engine you're talking about was running with uber-high octane fuel to avoid blowing up due to knocking.

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