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To All Prospective Zedders!

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I`ve met a couple of folk after Zeds and have heard the words "a bit long in the tooth" more than once.


To all of you out there thinking about Zed ownership, just take a look at parkers online. I`ve just spent about an hour trawling through the latest generation of Ford, Vauxhall, Audi, BMW, Subaru, etc...etc..etc...wannabes and have realised that the Zed is about as outdated and obsolete as a fusion reactor!


All of the fastest cars in these manuacturers ranges make the Zed look reasonably frugal in terms of fuel consumption. The performance figures by even comparison just cannot live with a stock Zed TT and servicing costs are highly competitive for the 300zx community (if we all avoid Nisan main delaer like the plague).


I just cannot believe how good the Z32 is in modern terms, even 14 years after its launch! To all those out there who are thinking about it, take some advice, think no more and go get that Zed!!


(thus ends the party political broadcast for the Shropshire branch of the Zed worshippers society)

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A conversation between me and a bloke called Steve at work when I was looking for my Z... :D


Steve: I hear your looking for a 300zx

Me: Yeah

Steve: (screws face up) hmmmmmm

Me: do you not like them then?

Steve: Well they look a bit dated now

Me: Your joking arn't ya, What are you fancying next

Steve: Well I quite like the V6 ford Probe

Me: ARRGH what for????

Steve: Well you can get them cheap now

Me: Theres a good reason for that mate, a very good reason


LOL he's still driving a diesel now, Its amazing its always the people with the crappest cars that have the biggest oppinions


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The Ford Probe went from slightly cool and trendy to outdated and nafflooking in record time IMO.


People suggested that I held off getting my Zed and get a Probe instead :rolleyes: WTF??! They are in a completely different league!


My zed is the best car I've owed, in fact the best car anyone I know has ever owned :D;) I love it :)



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...and as they produce more and more cars that look like an Audi the Z goes from strength to strength in the looks department too.


I think we have to remember that we are starved of Zs in this country. When the Classic Car and Sports Car (or whatever it's called) magazine had it's 20th birthday recently it published top 20 best sellers lists and in the sports car top 20 best sellers list (global) the 300zx (z32) came 19th. So there's masses of them out there - just not in the UK. So a very lot of people know how good the Z is - they just live somewhere else...

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Guest witchdoctor

:D :) :cool: What other car would anyone want. I've loved Z's since the first 240z I saw as a kid in Africa and the image has stuck ever since. Last year I bought a 280 2+2 but it had to go and make way for the 32. Did you see that junk on BBC1 last night 'Time Cop' the only good part of the film was the red 94 Z32 on display in the shopping mall.

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Every day at work people ask me " hows the z running?", everybody loves it.

I thought I was bad for talking about it. When I'm starting it at night peoplestop when they're about to get in their car to hear it start up, then smile.

Couldn't imagine life without.:D

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Guest cully Z

aye i agree with everything you all say , it still has the power to turn all heads it totally pees off my 21 yr old mate in work who can,t bear to look at it cos e drives a 850 mini and is consumed with jealousy which i love cos he,s one of those who if u had a giraffe he,d have the cage to put it in type. yes i love my z best thing i ever did wos buy her and i would recommend one to anybody cully z :D :D :D :cool:

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Guest tanzx

Well well - here we go again.

Of course the Zed is ahead. When it was designed in '89 it was futuristic in its styling and still looks good.

There isn't much other choice out there for looks and performance especially at the price!

Earlier this week I did start to get bored with it - I've had it two and a half years which is long for me. And I started thinking about the Lotus Espirit which I've always loved with all its faults. But I realised that now the Espirit is starting to look its age! The Zed on the other hand still looks amazingly modern apart from a few parts which can be updated by modding.

So I've decided the Zed is great and I'm continuing to play and mod. For if I don't I get bored!

Lov u Zeddy!


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Guest colin

Before I bought my Z last month I owned a Ford Probe 2.5 V6. I liked the car, thought it looked nice and it does perform well. Had it for 2.5 years but must say the Z is a huge step up. It looks great, and the performance is far better (and my Z is 'only' a NA).


There is obviously only one winner between the Z and Probe - and by a long way!



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NismO_UK, every body would have seen it by now. I think Sam Mendes directed that advert. I think it was him, if not it is some other now really famous movie director. The Playstation game Army Men, took the mick out of it, in their advert too, with a very similar sequence with a red convertable toy car whizzing through the house before the tyres shot and then blown up by a little plastic army man with a bazooka, saying "I hate yuppies"



People at work always ask me how the "Millenium Falcon" is doing. I have never called it that, people at work just started using it. Now when people ask me how fast it is I tell them


"It's the car that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs"



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