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Blocked Windscreen washers

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Folks -


Anyone got any good ideas for unblocking the windscreen washers? Mine have slowly clogged up. I made sure the pump was working (the pipes all the way up to the washers themselves are definitely clear - as demonstrated by squirting water over my crotch!), then went about it myself with limited success.


Basically I started with the trusty safety-pin down the nozzles trick. Seemed pretty clear straight away but didn't help with the squirting. Then I got a football pump to the underside of the nozzles and did a few good blasts through it - definitely felt blocked and I found there was blue powder (washer fluid I guess), coming out of the nozzles. This opened the nozzles up a bit but over a week or so they've blocked up again. Waaaaa!


Any sneaky tricks for sorting this problem?





P.S. "nozzle", mmm that's a nice word. :D

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I use an airline, but if you're blasting the stuff back down the pipe then eventually it'll come back to the top and block again. Trick would be to disconnect the pipes under the bonnet then the sh1te gets blown out completely I'd guess.

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Guest andyduff

Pull the hose off the back, and blow back through them. In other words, from the bonnet side. As has been said, if the sh1t won't come out through the nozzle with washer fluid, then why should it come out with a blast of air? Blow the nozzles backwards, only way ;)





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