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Rear Lights

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Trying to get these things out of my old Zed...have undone all the screws in existence but they seem to be wedged in tightly still. Is it just the bonding that's holding them and can that be heated to free them up or am I missing a FO bolt gripping them to the car? :D

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Just fitted 99 style lights to my 300 this weekend, found it quite easy to slide a stanley knife (one of the long thin ones rather than the traditional design) from the top to slice through the sealant. Worked a treat for me, apart from the cuts on my fingers of course. They came out with a gentle but firm push from the inside of the light unit.


Might see if I can get a couple of pics posted when I get home.


Having said that, if you don't have any new sealant to use the hairdrier will be your best bet as I removed all the old sealant stuff. btw, don't get it on your clothes, its stickier than a brown wooded sticky thing.

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Told you that black stuff was sticky !!!


BTW - the knife tip came straight from Luke at the Z centre, spent about two hours there this weekend chatting and swapping stories. Credit where credit is due..

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On a different note James300, is that really a gravestone in the background of your second pic ?? Some people feel the need to play with their zeds in the strangest locations.... lol :p

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