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Bout to order from concept Z in the states

Guest Robtor

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Guest Robtor

Sure thing Chris, i haven't phoned yet, i was sidetracked :rolleyes: ,

I'm gunna phone tomorrow afternoon so confirm you still want them and i'll get them 4 u.


They look interesting and i might get some for myself, and i quote: "also greatly reduces wheel hop". - I need these!!

Very tempted. I'll see what Coz thinks of them.

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Yeah deffo want them and for only about £40 ish they're worth a try.

I've seen quite a few U.S Z's with them on and might help with worn bushes.


From what I've seen they just bolt on under the mountings to tighten things up so there's not too much work involved to fit them. Just take the bolt out and pop the spacer over then put the bolt back.

I'm sure it won't be THAT easy though!

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Any news on this? Has it gone through?


If not, I'll also have a pair of O2 sensors :D


Just had a conzult on the Zed and they're not doing anything, just sticking to 0.33v all the time, lazy bast***s!




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