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Metal Kickplates

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Where does one source the metal kickplates that go along the lip of the door?


The plastic ones are all very well and good but I'm thinking some nice shiny silver-coloured ones would be better.


Anyone know?

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Guest Matty

Yes, I would love some of these.


Wasn't Harve looking inot making these or was it Kris of the billet oil cap fame??


It was one of them!


They would be really nice, I might ask at work see what they can do.



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Guest Blue

I've got some of these, and they have '300ZX' on them that is luminous when dark. Mine are a bit scratched though. I lloked into replacing them, and found they were about 400 dollars from http://www.courtesyparts.com.


If anyone knows of any cheaper ones, please let me know!

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Well, a while back Smithy was looking at doing some of these as a group buy ... but it's kinda died now, I think ...


Does anyone know what happened with them? Smithy? I think they were going to be about 150 quid :)


I'm definitely still in the market for some! :D




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Well, I would suggest that someone who knows Smithy and wants them gives him a bell, then - perhaps Mac? I know he was up for them before ...


As I said, it was going to be a group-buy, but it petered out in the end, 'cos of whatever was going on with at the time with Cybercraft, I assume, and tbh, I've no idea what the current status is:confused:


Having said that, I definitely want some!! :):D

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Having tried numerous companies about these, i finally did locate a company to do them and yes the price was about £150 and they would be in stainless polished not alloy. Now the problem being is that a, the sill lips over into the carpet area and b, the curve at the back that goes upwards so the cost alone of making up the correct tooling etc was circa £700 :( which divided by the 30 odd people who showed interest was okay, but it meant stumping up the cash first, as i had closed cybercraft down at this time it meant cash out of my pocket to make it work as i now just carry on as "smithy's place" so in short as soon as i've got that cash spare, they'll be done ;)


smithy :cool:

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