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Skid under braking?

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A few times whilst braking hard in the dry to avoid stuff (corners, animals, stingers...:D) my front wheels have locked up pretty easily, most of the skiddy sound comes from the pass wheel :confused:


When does ABS kick in - I thought it would do whenever the wheel(s) lost grip?


The car's got sackfuls of grip round corners, but not so much when braking. Better than any other car I've driven, I'll grant it that, but it seems too easy to do.


Anyone else have this? The brakes are stock calipers etc, the pads are the zedworld ones, EBS? Discs look pretty standard, not groved or drilled.





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Guest Baggins



Mine has also locked up in the dry front nearside only and my ABS did not kick in either , even left a nice black line up the road :D

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You should hear the ABS kicking in. Even it is on a loose road surface, the ABS should try to stop the skid.


Any error in the ABS and the light should come on. Does the bulb work? Does the ABS light come on with the ignition?



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Hmm dunno - I've never noticed it :confused: . I'll check out the bulb and see.


Will have to do a "testing session" :D


Cheers folks :)




PS : John - I expect nothing else from you - you hardcore racer you ;) !

I just disconnected mine because I don't like it anyway.
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