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Quick insurance Q.

Guest Robtor

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Guest Robtor

Sorry to bring up the topic of insurance yet again.

I just paid about £1500 on Z insurance, if i were to sell it within the next month would i be able to get any back? I always used to pay insurance monthly and thus would just stop the payments when i sold the car but would an insurance company actually send a cheque back?? Just seems hard to imagine.

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Guest Robtor

Just a lack serious lack of power.

Also for some reason my bank balance has taken a serious hammering the last month or 2, im not sure why tho, im assuming its the Z. ~10mpg doesnt help!

Just having a bit of a down day, maybe cos cos horrible n wet, just feel i cant really be that arsed any more and id be better off with a normal car and spend the 5k a year saved on holidays!

Still got me old rover turbo, goes alright and is nice and reliable, so i think me Z's days are numbered. Still love it in a wierd way tho.


Perhaps if i lock it away in a garage for 10 years, save some money and there wont be many around then!

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