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Guest Robtor

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Guest Robtor

Having given up on ever getting the Z running ok i've got a few bits that might be of use to people.


Decat pipes, used for about 1/2 an hour to diagnose and see if i have clogged cats, i dont. £100? £110 with P&P?



Greddy Fuel Pressure 60mm Silver Elec. Warning Gauge, again used for about a day to check my fuel pressure but its fine. Actual gauge wasnt even mounted so not a single mark, it's about £220 new, offers? http://www.greddy.com/products/electronics.htm#6EWG


Autometer Lunar series water temp gauge, including elec. sender,



Autometer Mechanical fuel pressure, has to be mounter outside of cabin, £20


Chipped JWT ecu, £250


HKS EVC III elec. boost controller, uses fuzzy logic, & all that stuff,

low, high boost settings and a scramble button for when u want to take off, about £250


And no im not opening a shop! Just have started to run out of funds thanks to the Z!

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Guest Matty
Originally posted by pete shrimp

Temp gauge sold :cool: :D !!




Edit: Can't PM/email ya, please email me on peter_edgar@hotmail.com, cheers




Could have done with that............


Fight you for it.........LOL



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Hi Matt,


Congrats on your new Zed, knew you wouldn't be able to stay away.


I have an Autometer mechanical Temp gauge and sender if you are interested.


It is unused and boxed and you won't have to fight me for it. :):):)


You can have it for £40.00.


Let us know if you are interested.









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