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Buying another Z

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I'll be buying anothr Z today hopefully.

Not for breaking before anyone asks, it's not been in the country long and it's an NA , but it's a manual 2+0 so should be fun. I intend to use this while my car is in the paint shop and in SE getting it's headers sorted. But first I ned to get it on the road.


I would really appreciate speaking to anyone who has registered their 300zx themselves as I don't really know where to start.


Any tips guys and girls ?


Will put some pictures up tonight if I buy it. Mechanic checking the car out tonight for me.

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It's quite easy if you have all the paper work!


this has all the steps in it DVLA


but to summarise you'll need


Bill of Lading

Customs form C&E386 (proves you've paid your customs & VAT fees)

Japanese de-registration document

MOT & Insurance (based on chassis no.)

£25 registration + 6/12 months TAX


then go to DVLA Local Office (Sidcup is much easier than Wimbledon) fill in the form V55/5 , wait a few days and they send you tax disc and certificate with reg numer so you can have a number plate made up.


All I had to do to mine to get past the MOT was add the rear fog-light.





PM me if you want a hand

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jaffa, my car is arriving on the 8th of june. How much time does it take usually to have the documents with the reg number sent to you from the moment you send all the documents of the car to the DVLA?




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I took the paper work to my local office to save a day, but I think it was 3 working days, and the tax disc arrived in the post on the 4th day.


My time line when the car arrived was


Monday - car arrived at docks, picked it up in the afternoon and drove it home (ran out of petrol as soon as I left the docks:eek: )

Tuesday - Mot'd

Thursday - went to DVLA but didn't have customs form

Friday - Customs and exise form arrived, took paperwork to DVLA

Wednesday - tax disc arrived, Halfords wouldn't give me number plates

Thursday - had number plates made somewhere else

Since, spent a lot of money on fuel and maintenance, but worth every penny


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Originally posted by XTT

Thanks jaffa, it looks easy enough :)


I live in Kingston upon Thames, shall i go to the Wimbledon office then?


Up to you mate, but as it's only a few miles from you, makes sense :D

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The guy where i bought the car from confused the names of the veseels :mad: :mad: :mad:


I called the freight company and quoted my reference number, and they told me it's the 8th of June!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

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Originally posted by DaveW

Blimey Stu, another with more than 1 zed. :eek:

Joining the ranks of Mac and Mark Topless- you greedy bugger :D:D:D



ROFL:D Nice one Stu,come on you lot buy another that way when your car is off the road in body shop /garrage etc you will never say....................................





























I am missing my Z;)

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