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first thing yesterday different engine noise while still cold, as if something else was running, then its now started to hesitate just as u pull away revs drop for a second, then its fine. can anyone shed a light . thanx guys. off 2 work....

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Jock, the viscous fan runs all the time, the main big one, as this is coupled straight to the engine but there is a small kinda back-up fan right at the front, I'm told this one would kick in if you were stuck in a traffic jam or similar situation. Get down on your hands and knees at the front and look up under or through the front bumper and you will see it.

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cheers james,

had a look today while taking out the headlight, and you're not wrong, shame I was looking for that to explain the reason why my air con doesnt work (constant fan , too cold to heat the cabin, it was a thought, just not a clear one):o

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