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US spec Rear dampers (same as UK?)

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I've got new UK spec adjustables and if they're soft I'd hate any harder! On the hard setting (handbrake trick they are near rigid!) It corners like a go kart with 18" wheels.


If those USA ones are the same its a no brainer at that price.

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Originally posted by lymon

US adj. rear dampers are EXACTLY the same as the European and UK dampers...


The Jspec and NA dampers aren't adjustable, but can also be used.




I thought the US Touring / Sports mode on the suspention worked on all 4 struts.



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Hmmm... So the fronts are electronic on the US car as well, eh? Well if that's the case and they are the same then I might get a whole set and wire them up, assuming it's just a signal wire. But there seems to be a bit of a split of opinion on that, so here's the part number from the fiche in the Nissan Dealership...




Is that the same as the UK part number?

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EU/UK partnr. is 56210-37P25

I have fitted the 56210-30P25's on a few EU-spec cars without any problems ...they are exactly the same.


Non adjustable (NA/Jspec) shocks : 56210-33P25


wiring up US adj. front shocks on a EU/UK spec car is a different story !

The EU/UK models don't have the front actuators, wiring and connectors for it and the actuator control unit is slightly different in US cars as well

(also because on US cars there is a seperate switch to choose between "touring" and "sport".)


It is possible and has been done, but you'll need 2 extra actuators, 2 actuator brackets, wiring harness and the US actuator control unit and some other small bits.



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