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Help a new Z owner

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Just purchased a manual Jap 92 TT. I knew the turbo's were on their way out and so the car is currently with a recommended mechanic, awaiting recon turbo's, new timing belt, ancillary belts, water pump, plugs, fuel /oil filters, calipers and pads. This should, hopefully, bring the car to a good service level, ready for modification. The car already has an HKS exhaust set up to the cat which seems to be in good cond. I'm thinking of de-catting and also fitting either an HKS or Apexi induction system for starters. Members seem to rate the Apexi over the cheaper HKS. Are there any other suggestions or should I stick with the Apexi. If so, where's the best place to purchase one?


I know some members are from the Croydon/Beckenham area in the SE. Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced mechanic around this area, who knows his way around a Z? I'd love to take the car to some of the recommendations, but it's just not practical, being in the SE. The guy sorting the car at the moment is in Kingston, Surrey, but he's not cheap. Before any further mods, I need to fix a poorly repaired front wing and respray the entire car. Does anyone know of a decent bodyshop in or around Croydon that won't rip me off?


Is anyone still awake? If so, well done. Sorry to go on, but I really do need some guidance before I start splashing out some serious dosh. Any input will be very, very much appreciated.



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Hi sahid,, and welcome to the forum.


I know where youre coming from , re living in croydon and all the listed mechanics seeming to live up north. I am waiting for a name from one of the members for a decent sprayshop in sutton, which is not too far away, when i get it i will pass it on.


As for the mechanic, I ended up doing it myself, although my car is an NA and therefore easier to work on. There is a guy who is recommended in kent, I have his number and will look it up for you when I am home at the weekend.

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Guest scott zx_9r

there are probs with decatting standard turbo. some members will tell u that it causes the rear seal to pop.. others say that there is no prob...


how ever if they are getting recon-ed get them sorted to ensure that u do not have a prob... won't like to strip and build to have to do again within a short space of time

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Hi Shahid and welcome! I live just up the road from Jock. Had my Z for over 6 years and I'm still looking for a good local Jap mechanic!


I've been travelling up to SE Nissan (Essex) for the past couple of years and they've done good work for me to date. Some forum members have had problems with them but so far I've been happy! My Z is with them at the moment so I'll update you when I pick it up on Saturday... ;)





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Apart from SE that put a new engine in for me and Jeff @ ZWorld doing a bit of servicing, I have done the other jobs myself, with a little help from the guys on here!


Sorry, I couldn't help you more but not come across any Z specialists around our way tbh.

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Thanks Guys. I wish I had the know-how, not to mention the confidence to tamper with anything under the bonnet. I'll let you know how I get on with the guy in Kingston (30mins from Croydon). He seems to know his way around the car. He had 2 other Zed’s in the workshop when I dropped off the turbo’s last night. One was in for a routine service, the other one had just been fitted with a full Paul Bailey kit and respray. But when he started mentioning £4K for the work, I stopped drooling…


I’ve got 17’s on the wheels at the moment but the front tyres rub the inner arches on full lock. The car isn’t lowered and I was wondering whether this is a common problem or can I do something about it? I did want to replace with 18’s and was wondering what people’s experience with these is.

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Guest droptopz

Tha size of the rim should not make a difference the side wall of the rubber must decrease when using a larger diameter rim.This will keep the factory diameter the same thus your speedo will not give you an incorrect reading. I have ordered 5zigen 19X9.5 rear and 19X8.5 front with bridgestone potenza so3 tires 275-30-19 rear and 235-35-19 front these sizes keep the original diameter that the car rolled out of the factory on

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