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powder coating against general refurb

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was sent this from the guys that are refurbing my wheels early in the new year i though as lots of you lads and lasses are about to ,or are thinking of having the wheels done this might give you some guidance


top guys too , very informative and helpful PM me if you want the contact details




"The Difference Between Wet Paint & A Powder Coat Finish


In a nutshell: “The Wheel Specialist offers a ‘complete’ alloy wheel refurbishment service, of the whole wheel, turned around in the same day and for the same price as a cosmetic touch-up.”


1) Wet Paint Finish – The Mobile Operator’s Choice

If you have or are thinking of giving your alloy wheels a cosmetic touch-up, such as the kind of service you will get from a mobile unit, it is likely that this will consist of a wet paint finish applied over the surface area of the face of your wheel only.


This is often convenient because the mobile operator can drive to your home or place of work, although they often seem to miss appointments due to traffic or other issues. Sometimes, weather conditions often mean they are unable to paint the wheel when they do turn up. Dealing with this kind of service provider can be frustrating.


However, the biggest issue that you are faced with is that these cosmetic touch-up services can only offer a temporary solution to your alloy wheel refurbishment needs. Because the wet paint is simply sprayed over the surface of the face of the wheel it has nothing to bond it in place and so the benefit is short lived. It is not uncommon for wheels sprayed in this way to repel the new paint after just a few short months. No doubt you will have seen paint that is flaking off the wheel and corrosion that continues to bubble through the surface layer. We at The Wheel Specialist do not believe this is the way to treat your wheels.


2) Powder Coat Finish – The Quality Choice

The Wheel Specialist is the UK’s number one alloy wheel refurbishment specialist with over 20 years experience in powder coat finishing. By having the latest equipment and machinery based from our professional premises we can offer you a ‘complete’ alloy wheel refurbishment service, of the whole wheel, turned around in the same day, that no mobile operator can compete with on price and quality.


Your’ Peace of Mind - A Complete Service Including ‘Refit & Tyre Service’

Because we have the right equipment on site we can refit your existing tyres and new valves and balance your wheels before putting them back on the car. We have thought of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.


In addition we offer a competitively priced new tyre service should you need to replace any old or warn tyres while your car is in our care.


Wheel Preparation

A great deal of effort goes into preparing the wheel before it can be sprayed. Like painting any surface, the better the preparation the better the quality will be of the finished paint job. First of all the wheel is stripped of tyres and any adornments. All wheels are shot-blasted by hand to remove previous layers of lacquer and paint to obtain a bare metal surface in preparation for coating. Any imperfections are smoothed out or filled so that kerb damage to rim edges disappears.


Baking & Spraying

Next the wheels are heated to remove any air from the alloy and powder coat finish is applied and then cured for a set period of time. Because the wheels are baked in an oven at 200 degrees Celsius, the powder coat bonds directly to the surface of the wheel creating a thick and durable layer of protection that will not flake or peal.



Finally a clear lacquer coat is applied over the first coating in the same manner, thus enhancing and protecting the alloy wheel. This lacquer combined with the powder coat finish offers a level of protection that will not only exceed, and by great margin, any after market wet paint finish but will be more durable than when the wheel was brand new. What’s more your wheels will look fantastic, last for years to come and will be in the colour of your choice."


i will post up the pics of mine when they are done .......


Steve :hyper: :hyper:

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