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Dead Injector!

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Is it definitely an injector fault?, or is it an electrical problem? i.e. Connector fouled up?


New connector fitted on Saturday, there is power to the injector but when checked with multimeter it is showing as an open circuit the garage concerned assures me it is the injector (fingers crossed).

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I had a similar problem, although in the end it turned out to be at least partly an electrical connection on the injector. But I did the following at the time :-


Removed the plenum, had it blasted and chemically cleaned

Removed the EGR

Bypassed the throttle body heaters and removed all the pipe stubs

Changed all the electrical connectors incl. injectors, coilpacks and idle valve etc

Had all injectors cleaned and checked/calibrated.

Changed PCV's


The engine has never run so smoothly since all that was done - I put most of it down to the electrical connections.

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:( another problem, you aint had much luck with that car so far!, hopefully the slight misfire youve been getting is down to the injector starting to go and you get back to smooth running soon!


I hope so, getting it done at Hypertech if I can get someone to sell me the parts :headvswal

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