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dvd/monitor HELP!!!

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Just fitted a kenwood dvd/monitor but cant get a pic when dvd is on, everything else is working fine, even getting sound from dvd just no picture.

there is a wire from the stereo unit that should go to the handbrake sensor, and also one to connect to the reverse sensor which i didnt think would be necesary to connect, could this be the problem?

if so is there an easier way than stripping the centre console to get to the hand break sensor, could i for example use the turbo timer wire that goes to the hand break. if not which wire do i use to connect the stereo wire to?

any help greatly apreciated



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Theres a wire that should go to handbrake switch, but should work if you take it to earth.

Its to so-say stop you using the screen whilst driving.


Ok, wired the handbrake wire to the earth yesterday, and was all working fine. but came to get in the car this afternoon, and battery was completely dead (with all the usual syptoms of a flat battery, dim lights etc), i jump started it, drove for an hour, switched the car off and battery was dead again.

ive just noticed the earth connection on the battery was very loose, could this drain the battery at all? or have i ballsed up with the wireing on the stereo? :smw:

please help!!

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Guest andyduff

If the earth connection to the battery is loose then it won't charge properly when driving. As long as the ACC line is connected correctly the screen shouldn't drain the battery when the ignition is off...





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si. if your having problems still, then give us a shout. i will come over and check it out for you. im probably nearer than andy. the options there if needed.


cheers mate, very kind, its just getting the time to do it, what with work and it been dark the time i get home.

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