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Random power loss/missfire??

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Yesterday I started to notice a change with the engines response time relating to the change from normal driving to full throttle - it felt like the engine was holding back and then i noticed what felt like a mild missfire or rumble with the pedal on the floor, I was going about 40mph at the time and during this the car only managed to get to about 60mph - deffo not normal.


5 miles down the road and I tried it again - this time all was ok and the car pulled nicely with tonnes of power and turbo spooling.


could this be a coil pack related problem or something more nasty??


I havnt a clue where to start looking and best of I have a new job to start on Monday! (Usually the way!)




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Yeah i thing your on the right track.Check all the connections on the coils to make sure theyre ok. May also be worth looking at the plugs and the injectors. I had a similar problem with flooring it and it gaining a missfire where it dropped down to 4, later found out it was shagged injectors.


It may well be worth piece of mind as your going to have the coils and plugs out just to do a quick compression test to give you an idea on how healthy your engine is at the moment.

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Thankx Nick,


I had the car fitted out with SS Mongoose, K&N and ecu remapped by Jeff at Zedworld about a year ago and he said it was one of the best 300's hed seen in a long time, I think the power is between 350 and 380bhp - 6months back I fitted a Koyo rad and an extra oil cooler up front and in the last 12months I have had the oil changed every 3k and gone over it every weekend looking for loose connectors ect - its been an amazing car up till now :hurl:


I know when shes running well she should pull a quarter mile in about 12secs or less, 0 - 60 in under 5. The last porsche that tried it on gave up around 160 lol although i dont do that very often!

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