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Just bought another Z32...

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...and this one actually has an engine in it...er...albeit one that is "slightly" poorly. Despite it being a crackin' motor, and although I'd just bought a 200Tdi engine and ALL the bits to swap it in (can you sense an undercurrent of exasperation here? Lol!) my other half just wasn't getting on with our Land Rover 90. The plain and simple fact is she's just too little for a Landy and it was a bit on the difficult side for her to drive. I can't moan though as she's just bought me the mother of all presents ( http://www.300zx.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=103596 ).


So knowing how much she loves Z's I've just bought petey099's NA for us (mainly her TBH). All being well it should be delivered on a flatbed on Monday. It's got a misfire but fingers crossed we'll be able to iron it out. It'll be weird being behind the wheel of a Z again...and if the V8's are anything to go by, who knows, in 10 or so years time we might even have it fixed and on the road! :D ;)

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