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Oil return/feed hose??

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I have a JDM 2+2 Auto TT. I have put a new engine in and I am ready for the start up except one hose! From a previous post it seems maybe only certain models have this hose.


Below the alternator by the metal bar across the under side of the car there are two metal pipes facing the front of the car. One hose from these goes to the bottom of the rad on the passenger side and carries water. The other is an oil hose, it is about 1 1/2-2ft long with a '?' shape at the end and is about -10mm bore. Now I have filled the oil in the car it does leak oil if not blocked off.


Does anybody know where it should fix to?? I can't find anywhere and it is the only thing stopping me trying to start the newly fitted engine :headvswal

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Both contain oil - gearbox oil. They are the lines for the auto gearbox oil cooler. Both go onto the rad, look harder lol ;)


Ok, the only thing I think I may of done then is - The overflow for the rad, is there meant to be a hose coming of that? if so I might of put that on the fitting below which could be meant for the oil hose? hence why I have no where to fit it to.

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