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Brakes go to the floor

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I hav to push my brakes almost to the floor to stop my Z. What could be wrong. The is fluid in the brake fluid tank, it between min and max. Too much car not to have brakes. Help



Mate get your car down to us in Horsham, if you have any doubts about the brake system getting it transported down there, we will tell you free of charge what is wrong with your brakes, fill up to the max mark with brake fluid first though!


It ain't worth mucking about with your brakes :(

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Is there any way I can check the seals. Is that an expensive repair?


Check if they are leaking.


I had a MS go, the two pistons inside (well metal bits with springs lol) were all rotted and cacked up. Also the seals that comes with the kit you can buy (for about 30-40 IIRC from Mike F) were worn.


If you remove the MS and replace you will need to also buy a pack of washers for the resevoir, these don't come with the kit and you should defo replace them and not re-use.


I't could also be looking near where it joins the booster, you'll soon tell as the black paint will have been stripped off and it could look a little rotten underneath / tarnished, where the fluid has been seeping.


Other posibility is a leak on the line going to the nipple on the callipers or they just need bleeding, but unlikely unless you have changed something on the brakes recently, or the fluid is shot, again unlikely to cause that.


If in doubt though and your not sure, get a garage to check it out!



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