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Guest AngusGlover

I have an interview next week for a new job,....I bloody hate interviews..


I always do my interviews on a casual basis as I believe you see the true person that way but it seems that everyone I go to is more of an interrogation across a table...


I went to one and was interviewed by a young lady with a couple of buttons undone on her blouse...I got caught 3 times looking at her t*ts...didn't get the job... :headvswal :headvswal :headvswal


Whats you worst interview story?

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For a .COM company in 2000. Didn't sleep the night before because I'd been revising for an exam that day. Tube broke down on the way there. Interview went really badly. Said they were going to invite me back, but didn't. Quite glad actually: they were a web-design/e-commerce/new media company of the sort that has playstations, beanbags, widescreen tellies and pool tables everywhere.


It's one of those things that seems really cool when you're young and a bit wet behind the ears, but on reflection I've become very suspicious of companies with lots of gimmicks like that: makes me think that perhaps they don't want you to leave the office. Oh yeah, and then there's the fact that I don't think they exist any more.

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Did you really want to work for a young lady :x: ?


I went for a job and the only reason I got it was the woman in charge was convinced I was someone else who was apparently fantastic. She said her friend knew who I was and said I was brilliant, only her friend definately didn't know who I was. Now I'm used to having women in charge of me. The only advantage is when I don't do what I'm supposed to I can 'charm' (I use the term loosely) my way out of the shit, and it works every time.

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I can relate to you mate, I've been up to my eyeballs in job hunting for the last month. Its such a stressful time. I couldn't sit still or even think straight after the first interview for days until I got some feedback (didn't get it). The last one went well and they say it's looking promising for me, they are sorting out an offer. Touch wood it'll go as planned, I really don't want to be looking for any longer, the transition from the military to civvy street is a bloody nightmare. I don't have any bad experiences as I havn't had an interview in years. I did have a dodgy one when I went to join the Marines. It was a flash in the pan decision and I asked if I could speak to someone about joining as an officer and try for sponsorship at university. It ended up being a full blown interview with some Navy officer when I just wanted a chat. It went very badly and was told I didn't have a hope in hell of sponsorship as they only do 1 person a year and I'd only decided to join the week before! I ended up joining as a Marine instead and binning university altogether!

I hope it goes well for you mate. Dave

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