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Guest astrassuck

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i love google earth! first hour you're like "woah"! second hour you're like "woah"!


58th day and im still like "woah!" :D



:D Have you found something interesting yet? I found a plane in mid air, and I saved the coordinates but now I can't find that file :p Oh, and I found a quite interesting place in Africa, I'll post it up if I find it.


Does someone know the coordinates of Area 51? I think it's in Nevada, if I don't remember all wrong.

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Guest astrassuck
ok the places that were mentioned on here with the grid references just looked like blurs either i need to pay for the upgraded version or im going blind

No you have to wait a good long while to let them load, even on 2MB broadband :( It's pretty cool when you can see things close up though!

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