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New (small) Project

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My MOT is due at the end of the month, and I currently don't have any rear fog lights :x:

The rear lights were bodged by a previous owner and a right hash was made of the wiring. So when I rebuilt/converted my rear light units to 99 spec, I removed this wiring and returned them to stock set up, thus - No Rear Fogs!


So following my own Fog Lamp FAQ, I'm going for the top option and fitting a UK spec rear bumper, but with a subtle difference ;)


Mines going to have two working fogs, and working side markers aswell.


Uk spec bumper - Obtained (Thanks Ross)

Fog Lamp units - Obtained (Thanks Leigh)

New UK number plate - Arrived yesterday ;)


So, stage one, removal of Jap bumper - A bit of a pain removing the lower return tabs, but it's off now anyway. I never realised that the Jap number plate hanger was fixed to the bodywork!

Quick hand fit/line up to make sure new bumper will fit OK, and thats all I could do yesterday afternoon, as I lost the light by then.


So stage two, convert left hand non-working fog lamp into a working one. Well i just happend to notice a Micra with an identicle fog set-up when I was at the breakers the other day. So i got that and I've stripped the guts out of it, and 'Fixed' it into the left hand one that I already had.

So I now have to working lamps.


Stage three (this afternoon) I'll be completing the wiring for the fogs in the car, and refitting all the 'Gubbins' to the new bumper ready for refitting at the weekend (weather permitting)




The only down-side to this project is that I'll be driving around with a dark grey bumper on my RED car for a while, as I won't be having it sprayed untill next year. A small sacrifise I supose :D

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Considering doing it to mine, but like the reflectors in the corners. Might see if I can get a bodywork place to graft them onto a UK spec bumper.

This is what I'm doing to mine. I'm going to cut out a section around the 'Holes' in the Jap bumper, then cut an identicle one in the new UK bumper and graft them in, with plenty of glass fibre and filler :D Should look the dogs once it's all finished.




Managed to complete the wiring this afternoon, and found a novel place to hide the relay (as there was NO relay fitted for the original bodge :headvswal ) Just got to drill the hole for the switch, and then get the bumper back together ready for the grafting job.

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