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Interior Trim

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Guest Nelson MainFella
Originally posted by rc951

sorry what i meant to say was........roy, you fancy doing mine.......................................(car that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


u did -I misquoted u deliberately :D aren't I bad ??;)

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Sorry I'm late lads, had a bit of pc trouble on & off for a while & I completely missed this thread.

Firstly, thanks Stu for putting the pics on, then thanks to everyone else for the nice comments.:)

300z, I got the grey leather cheap off this guy me dad knows, it was all off cuts, just about enough.

As for helping anyone, I live near Preston so your all a bit far away but I might be able to offer advice if anyone fancies a go & you'd be surprised how easy it is.

As stu (smw1) on his site start with the panel under the steering & by the time you get to the doors your an expert.

If you need me, give us a shout.:D

Cheers Roy.

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Guest NigelBoyd

Could be a nice little earner for you mate - I did some serious research before I had mine done and the going rate in Manchester for a zed retrim is around £1500 +vat!

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I saw that when you first posted it, very nice indeed.

Thing is, I recon the money is in the seats. I need a seat to try out on but I can't imagine getting one cheap.

I'd love to do this for a living. If anyone in my area wanted it doing I'd like to.

I got all my leather for £40 but it was scraps. I don't know what it would be normally.

Anyway, it lookslike I'm gonna be getting some practice on the Z round the corner.

If anyone fancies it give me a shout, but at the minute I'm not doing seats, but I might have to get doing.


If anyone has a seat taking up garage space let me know.

Meanwhile I'll look into the leather situation.


Tell you what, it certainly makes you like your car more.(I know it sounds like a plug) but that twead.......:D

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Guest andyduff

LOL!!!! Guess what I have :D 2 leather seats requiring retrim - spare ones too :D Hehe time to make a deal me thinks ;)





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