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MSN Messenger (BETA)

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Anyone else had problems with this?


Left myself logged in last night (I know, I know) but my PC was locked and was still locked this morning.


However, tried to log in from home last night and it told me that my password was invalid or my user name did not exist. According to the messages that I received last night, I was still happily logged into Messenger here at work, when my home PC was telling me I or the password, didn't exist.


It's now not letting me in at all, obviously. However, the password hasn't been changed in years and I logged into it successfully yesterday.

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There's a problem with the text size going tiny where you type when you open a new chat window.

If you change the font size to something different and then back to the one you already had set it works.


Of course we will all be reporting these defects to microshaft as you are meant to under the Beta program... :D

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