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Model numbers and pedantry

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Somewhere else (I forget where) there was some discussion about model numbers. So I did some research and for those who love the smell of pedantry in the morning here's the list.

(Thanks to Mike Feeney and zedhead of ZClub for correcting errors and confirmation.)


240Z had a 2.4l engine straight 6 carbs

260Z = 2.6l straight 6 carbs

280Z = 2.8l straight 6 fuel inj

280ZX = 2.8l straight 6 fuel inj (same engine and trans as 280Z but new everything else) and later a turbo

300ZX (Z31) = 3l V6 na & turbo

300ZX (Z32) = 3l V6 na & tt (completely different to Z31)

350Z = 3.5l V6 na


and for the SXs

180SX is 1.8 (aka Silvia in J-land, I believe)

S13 200SX = 1.8l turbo

s14 200SX = 2.0l turbo

240SX = 2.4l na (US model)


So as you can see, apart from a bit of a hiccup with the SXs, the model no is based on engine capacity.


Cheers - Gio

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Guest Trey

Note: There was also a 2 litre Z31 called the 200ZR which followed the model No trend.


Heres a pic:


Note RB20DET engine from the R31 Skyline range.

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That explains a couple of comments in the book:

In japan, for taxation reasons, Nissan continued to sell Z-cars with a 2 litre straight six engine.

As it turned out, the most significant version of the first 300ZX was restricted to the home market. In 1986, Japanese customers, who are always impressed with technology were able to buy a Fairlady 300ZR with a 4 cam 4 valves per cylinder version of the VG30 (the VG30DE).


Thanks, Trev ; Gio

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