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Guest danhock

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Guest danhock

I've noticed that my Zed only boosts to about 0.6bar..



Ive a Greddy boost gauge that measures it and also the standard one comes upto the line before +7 (presumably meaning its 0.6bar too).


Any ideas?



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0.62 Bar is 9psi.


All is well on the turbo front.


Boring fact.


Out of the, Supra Twin Turbo, RX-7 Twin Turbo, GTO Twin Turbo and 300ZX Twin Turbo, the Nissan 300ZX produces the most BHP per PSI.




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Originally posted by danhock

I thought i was supposed to run at 0.7bar.


I guess its a major job to get more, bigger turbos etc.




Nah......boost upgrade is the cheapest bhp you're gonna get!


You WILL notice a big difference!


Think SE's upgrade is about £275 or you got boost controller or you got ecu upgrade or or or or or or or or...........


You can get up to 1 bar without replacing turbo's and intercoolers or injectors. More than that without the appropriate mods and you're asking for trouble.

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Guest tomomac33

I bought my Z off a UK importer and it came with a boost controller, ECU upgrade. I didnt turn the controller on for about 2weeks!! because the importer told me not to (it was just monitoring). Eventually i turned it on and the car went a rocket, running at 0.9bar - the most i have now run it is 1.0bar (is this my max because the boost controller wont allow me to go any higher than this??)


Im guessing that this is the way it has been set up in japan??


When the boost controller is off and just monitoring it reads my boost at 0.5bar and wont allow it over this (is this safety boost??)


I dont mind running around in safety boost all the time as long as i can switch to a higher boost at the flick of a button -im guessing that this would prolong the life of the turbos?????




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