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Car wont start

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hi guys. i have a automatic TT and i have noticed something odd... when i drive around on short frequent trips or after a long drive on a HOT day i always leave the turbo time running so as to allow the turbos to cool etc. i have noticed on many occasions that after when i return to the car usually after an hour or so the car will not start. there is power but no ignition, almost like the imobiliser has kicked in if i leave it for say another hour it will start up no problems. i have also noticed that if the car doesn`t start if i put it in neutral (N) instead fo having it in PARK(P) it will start. Anybody no what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!should i be worried.

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Originally posted by pete shrimp

Auto zeds won't start in Neutral, don't think they'll start in anything other than Park.


I'm pretty sure mine starts in neutral but it has been a long time since I was in the bloody thing!

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the problem is that when this situation occurs the only way to start it is in NEUTRAL. it definately starts. i just wanted to know why it happpens after i ve been on a long journey and leave the turbo timer on that this occurs

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my na does the same(ish). If you move the car on the driveway a short distance then try and start it some time later it won't start. It's as though the cars brain thinks it's ben started and run for a while. What it needs is choke, so the only way to get it going is to hold down the loud pedal untill it coughs into life. Then after a bit of spluttering it's ok again. Bit like the auto choke (assuming there is one) is stuck closed, or it's getting the wrong signal.


good luck



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