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Rear wing repair

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Just got the Z back from SE yesterday and it's running great. New ICE fitted and working well - life couldn't be much better!




Backing out of the garage today and I've caught a dustbin (left out by my neighbour!) between the rear wing and the wall of the house! No major damage to the paint, but I now have a visible indent in the rear wing above the rear wheel arch! :mad: :mad: :mad:


Anyone know how I can get "inside" the rear wing to pop it out again. I assume that I need to go through the boot to get to it...


Any help appreciated!





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Depending on how high the dent is, you sould be able to get at it from inside the wheel arch. Take the wheel off and have a look.


If you cant access it there its interior out of the boot job and getting access through a small gap.



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Guest Jeff TT

That is defo a body shop job, and by the way unless the picture isa bit off focus looks like your rear tyre is in need of replacing, sorry



Jeff @Zedworld

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Yuh thats more of a crease than a dent,


This is my car before and after dent







That cost about £150 to have repaired at a bodyshop that included respray from the rear wing to halfway up the door to blend the colour in. I also had a crease similar to yours which cost about £70 to repair.

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Guest NigelBoyd

and just to cheer you up proper style, check that the boot seam hasn't split as well (just at the bottom inside corner edge of the boot) , if this was much more than a gentle touch, then you might have loaded that from the side.

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