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Smoke on hot days...

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Ok, searched for a while now and found lots of possibilities but here's my problem...


On the last 2 hot days I've driven the zed the pass side exhausts have been blowing blue smoke intermittantly. At one stage the there was loads of the kak, and today when I was stationary and opened the throttle to see the effect on the smoke, the driv side exhaust backfired! :eek:


Today on the way to Santa Pod, in the morning the car felt sluggish and wouldn't boost fully, at some points it felt lumpy like a cylinder wasn't firing. But one the way home it was fine, no smoke, drove fine.


This has happened before when the weather's hot, but its always fine when cool.


Also the car's been idling at 5-600rpm where it usually idles at 8-900.


Its been decatted (turbo seals etc will spring to everyones mind :rolleyes: ) and done 53000miles


Whats wrong? Obviously there's the usual shortlist, but does my "story" indicate anything definate?


Thanks people



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