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NOS or No?

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Heres a question.


I have been offered NOS for my zed. 10lb stainless bottle, twin intake misters, 100bhp needles,all the hosing, switches, valves etc. Fitted to my NA for the princely sum of £900.


The price is not an issue.


I thought about selling my NA and buying a TT, but would prefer to have the driveability of the NA 90 % of the time and the power of the turbo for the odd traffic light GP, A-road dash etc.


So what do you think?


My concerns are



Would I want need a traction control (could u use TC with NOS?)


Any advice opinion welcome

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I've heard its a worthwhile mod for an N/A.


Talking of NOS, I saw the funniest thing today at Santa Pod:


A nice Mitsi GTO was next to me in the queue, he'd had his bonnet and his boot (why?) open for ages.


He had NOS fitted and the cylinder was in his boot. All of a sudden - BANG!! PSSSHHH!! Big cloud of steam as the NOS empties itself into the air. The heat had caused the hose to pop off and he had the valve open!! Class! Nearly shat meself mind :D:D



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I've seen a bonnet get launched 50ft in the air at Santa Pod cos a NO2 valve got stuck open... the head of that lump just missed the owners face (he was tinkering under the bonnet at the time). Scary stuff nitrous... I think I'm too chicken.

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I cant see how a Turbo Z is harder to drive at slower speeds.


Untill the turbos start to spool up the NA will produce more power at the lower revs.


What happens whey you install NOS and then decide you want to get a Turbo, you will lose money on the NOS, and most people will not want a car with is installed.


If you get a Z with NOS, just think, when you use the NOS and you get that sudden rush of power, Turbo Zs get that power all the time and it doesnt cost £10 a time ;)




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Guest NigelBoyd

And when you wrap it the insurance company will fall about laughing when you try to put a claim in!


(PS - top gear last week got 200BHP boost from a £500 NOS installation on a old Jag XJS - I suggest you see if there's any onfo on their website!)

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Not neccesarily the driveability at lower speeds, but I want to be able to floor it when I feel like it and not have to worry about whether I am in a straight line (sure the NA steps out a little when you do it, but in my limited experience the TT was downright unpredictable) The reason I thought of NOS is that for the few times I do want flat out, straightline speed, it seems ideal. Like a turbo you can switch on and off if you like, there when you want it, and not if you dont.


I discussed the whole range of options with the guy who has offered it, from 50-200 hp needles. To be honest the thing that impressed me was with the 100 kit, it chucks out in the region of an additional 200 lb/ft of torque. Also with the "smaller " kits there is less chance of a major bang in the engine and stops my wallet taking such a humping.


As for the incidents, I have heard of similiar and seen it happen on bikes with NOS. TBH anyone who doesnt respect the cannister of (b0ll*cks nremoved) gas in the boot, is asking for it.


*edited. stand corrected (paul, did say I didnt know much about it :o )

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Guest ArundaleP

NOS isn't flammable!!!!















Not even a little bit!!!






It's a bad setup / fuel puddling that causes big bangs to happen, at least thats what I thought?


Jock, how do they control the fuel intake? ie does it run a wet system or uses stock injectors.



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If you are unsure about putting your foot down in a turbo, which takes time to spool up before it actually does anything, you will be caught out by NOS which will almost be instant power.


You dont have to be in a straight line to floor a Turbo either. Dont skimp money on cheap tyres and it will stick really well.


Only over confidence will cause you lose the back end of a Turbo Z or if there is something major wrong with handling.


Have you also thought about the costs? How much is it to fill the bottle again? And how many goes will the bottle hold? I remember reading on TwinTurbo.net some one who after having NOS installed used a full bottle in a day and it cost him $200 to fill it up again. Each bottle only stored enough Nitrus for 5-6 goes.



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To be honest I am not sure on the set up, I know in non injected cars a fuel pump is needed(or gravity fed) and that limits the size of needle jets that you use. On an injected car, I would imagine there is enough capabilitry in the existing pump. As far as I am aware the trouble is not injecting the nos into the mix before WOT.


Everything I know about NOS I read here


build your own NOS




To be honest, my experience of TT's is limited, so I willl bow to your knowledge. I found it more unpredictable than my NA, that is possibly due to the set up of the car I was driving, or indeed my driving.


I have looked into the costs, with the 10lb bottle (£70 fill) I am reliably informed that would suffice for 10 x 1/4 mile runs. But the truth of the matter is, I will probably never do a 1/4 mile run. I also would not see me doing nitrous runs up and down croydon high road (though a full chat run through the underpass could be fun). It is all about having the boost there if I want it, and when I want it. 99.9% of the time my NA is enough for me, the NOS is for the 0.1%. I would hazard that very few people on here go balls out in their car that often, I know that I dont in the NA, nor did I on my fireblade. Maybe it is just me.

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