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Injector plugs

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As some of you know the car had been off the road for a fair few months. Well option came to the rescue after £4000.......


They now advise that I get all the injector plugs renewed and the wiring traced back to check for cracks etc but its gonna cost about £450 all in.


Now, the plugs only cost £6 each but I really cant afford another £500 at the moment, I aint rich and I dont pertend to be but if they say it needs doing then I guess it wise!!!


They way that he showed me it need doing was to move one of the injectors very slightly with his finger and the the car started missing, touch wood! its been fine since but I really would like to get these done just in case!!!!


Does anyone know anywhere cheaper that I could get them done or could I give them a go????


Anyone tried????:confused: :confused:

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Yep just ordered a couple repair harnesses myself along with coil pack connectors.


Soldering iron and shrink wrap willsee you right. Just make sure you do one injector at a time as they fire in order and if you start forgetting what one goes where you're screwed LOL.

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