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Zed Parts from States

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Was reading the thread from Zimon regarding bringing a few Zed parts in from the states and kinda hit upon an idea.


My wife is American and more than once I`ve had parts from Courtesy shipped through her twin sister in PA. The thought hit me that maybe my sister in law could make a gift of parts for my Zed on a more regular basis.....get my drift?


Hows about it? If I can help a few fellow Zedders "bypass" customs it can`t be a bad thing can it? Any ideas?

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Guest Ammar

Jenbstevieb: Its a very kind thought but the problem is "You do get charged VAT and Custom on the Gifts aswell"


Several times, I have had parts shipped from the States and asked the suppliers to wrap them up like a gift but didn't escape any taxes as only the first $50 are tax allowable on gifts and you have to pay the customs etc on the remaining amount and that includes the taxes on shipping charges too.


The best way is to get the invoice value and shipping charges reduced but then you don't get insured for the amount you paid for those items. Another way is to have it sent as a Repair and Return item but then again some times you get charged the full wack and you have to provide the proof of when the item was delivered before-if you understand what i mean?



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