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Super AFR settings

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Anyone out there who's using a super AFR and made good improvements tell me what settings they use and what chip?

I've heard good results (MAC1) and figure if I know roughly what enrichment / leaning you're using I can adjust my fuel map to match it and see what happens.

Tweaked the timing map a bit and that made a real difference, but all the maps I've seen for fuelling are really pretty similar. Particularly at the low/mid rev range nobody seems to adjust it much from stock. Dunno if this is because stock is V. good or more likely because more mid range torque dosen't affect the bhp figure that they use to sell the chips.



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Cool Ian, guess they won't work on mine as well as on your's with the bigger intercoolers, but gotta be worth a shot :D

The fuel map that's in mine is v. similar to the SE one, just a bit richer at the top end so maybe some more fuel in the middle might help.


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Hi John,


Somebody else from Kidderminster ;) ;) surely not. Do you use your Zed regularly cos I haven't seen it about. In fact I rarely see any zeds

around my area and had come to the conclusion that I was a loner.


Would be great to meet up sometime.








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Hi Deano,

Thought I was the only one too! Use mine mainly weekends/nights got a clio for through the day :(

Is your's a red one? Saw the back end of a red one disappear round a corner a few days ago!

Pics of mine in the rides section if you wanna look.

Definately need to meet up some time soon.



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Hi John.


No mines Silver, you can find pics on my website at http://www.myzx.co.uk The red you have seen is Pete Shrimp I think, he is on here too. I use mine on the odd day to work in between walking and cycling.


Not at the moment though as it is at the garage having a new 99 spec bumper fitted along with some other performance enhancing mods.



Look forward to getting together when it is back :) :)







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