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Scooby, hehehehehehe <In Scooby Doo laugh>

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Today on the East Lancs.

I had been testing my car as when we did a load of work on it, the exhaust wasnt connected very well so we too it off today and put some paste on it to stop it leaking.


I took it for a test drive as the heat from the exhuast will set the paste. The car sounded a lot better and acutally drove better too. I was on the Lancs as that is a nice safe legal place to open her up. At some lights and a Scooby pulled along side and I thought, "I bet he tries it on".


I press my launch button and got my foot ready on the accelerator. The lights going accross the road went to red so it was only a few seconds before ours went to green and I heard his revs rise. I floored it and the Traction Control rev limiter bounced a few times and the light went green and I let the clutch go. :D



Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............ p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pop, V6 roaring I was away :D ;)


To about 20mph he had a chance and kept up with me and by that time my Traction Control had stopped interveening and the all the power was on the floor. End of 1st gear and he was about a cars length behind. 2nd gear and I just pulled away like he was just a Nova boy. :D. 3rd gear and I couldnt make him out from the other cars he was so far away.






Who's the Daddy?



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lol nicely animated! , more pops than my rice crispies,

sounds fun tho id luv to have a go with this launch control thingy.

wish we had some of those nice legal roads in somerset;)

the only use for traction control down here is to stop u skiddin on the moo moo poo:D

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