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Auto Box F**ked?

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Hi guys, my auto box is not changing past second gear, it sellects reverse, 1st and 2nd ok, the box was only recon'd 14 months ago and is now out of warranty, is there any chance it is repairable, i.e torque converter fault, hydraulic fault etc....Thanks for any help

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Same thing happened to my SWB


Filter disintegrated making its way through the box clogging everything


Although you may be lucky. It may be just the TPS.


To an autobox diagnostic first to see what error coded turn up

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Guest HemZ



Exactly the same happened to me about 5 months ago. Still not fixed. Shift solenoids sticking was the best diagnosis I could come up with but the auto box repair shop wouldn't change these (I'd already bought 'em from Nissan) as they said it was symptom rather than cause and the box was on it's last legs.


Check all the sensors before you write the box off, the manual lists some basic electronic tests for the solenoids.


I'm still waiting for my manual box to be installed....





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Guest AndyZ

I now have an import auto box for sale.


Let me know if you end up needing one.




AndyZ (geewhizz@onetel.net.uk)

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